The Wasted Hour Podcast

The Wasted Hour Podcast #4: Nathan Micay

October 17, 2019 The Wasted Hour / Nathan Micay Season 1 Episode 4
The Wasted Hour Podcast
The Wasted Hour Podcast #4: Nathan Micay
Show Notes

One of the best parts of going out is discovering new music. A DJ you’ve never seen before is playing records that you’ve you never heard, and sparks this sensational feeling: this is something we chase all the time. Back home, you Google his name then dive into the DJ’s catalogue and explore a whole new world of records and references.

That’s what happened a while ago, when I heard Nathan Micay play at Berghain’s Panorama Bar. In his set, he sprinkled in catchy, almost cheesy melodies that made me dance and smile (the same for the major part of the dance floor too).

Nathan and editor-in-chief Martin met at his apartment in Berlin and talked about his beginnings, playing support for Skrillex, living a healthy lifestyle, being a personal trainer for his DJ colleagues, moving to Berlin and of course, his latest releases.

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