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The Wasted Hour Podcast #5: Yang Li

November 14, 2019 Yang Li Season 1 Episode 5
The Wasted Hour Podcast
The Wasted Hour Podcast #5: Yang Li
Show Notes

I was introduced to the world of Yang Li a few years ago through an article on the StyleZeitGeist forum. 
It felt like the first time I had come across a person who I didn’t know personally and who had grown up in a total different environment and was sharing the same influences and interests and was furthermore able to integrate them skilfully into his collections.

So it’s no big secret that when I started The Wasted Hour, he was at the top of the list of labels I wanted to carry.

With the introduction of his collection to our shop, I was happy to meet him the day after his fashion show in Paris. 
On the bench in front of his showroom we talked about the influence of skateboarding, studying at Central Saint Martins, dropping out, being an intern at Raf Simons, and of course music.

- Martin 

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