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The Wasted Hour Podcast #6: Cottweiler

November 21, 2019 The Wasted Hour / Cottweiler Season 1 Episode 6
The Wasted Hour Podcast
The Wasted Hour Podcast #6: Cottweiler
Show Notes

Have you ever ditched the scheduled program of a school or university trip and decided to wander off with someone and explore your own?
That’s basically how Ben and Matthew, the founders and designers of Cottweiler met.

They were both enrolled in a Fashion Design course at the University of Bristol, but it wasn’t on an excursion to the capital of France that they bonded over their similar taste in music and the general feeling of not wanting to follow anyone else’s rules.

A few years later they founded Cottweiler.
Before that, Ben was working on Saville Row, a street in central London that’s known for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men.
Matthew was working with Kim Jones and was also doing a lot of consulting for different sportswear brands.

Fuelled by their experience, they created a brand that combines sportswear and tailoring in a brilliant and convincing way.

In May they met with The Wasted Hour editor-in-chief Martin to talk about that trip to Paris, combining sportswear and tailoring, winning the Woolmark Prize in 2017, the best party stories, and of course about their collection ’The lost art of cruising’ .

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