The Wasted Hour Podcast

The Wasted Hour Podcast #8: Roza Terenzi

December 19, 2019 The Wasted Hour, Roza Terenzi Season 1 Episode 8
The Wasted Hour Podcast
The Wasted Hour Podcast #8: Roza Terenzi
Show Notes

Nowadays it’s so easy to find good music, as there are so many good live sets or mixes on Soundcloud or other streaming platforms. 
Stil, (or perhaps precisely because of that), finding songs or even artists that trigger something special in me is rare.

So I remember the moment vividly: One moment I was absently looking out the train window, then this one song came on and I was intensely scrolling through the comments to see some had already posted the setlist. 
Luckily someone already did, and that’s how I discovered Roza Terenzi.
A few days later YouTube recommended me her “Live set at the Boiler Room”, and looking back on 2019, it’s one my favourite sets of this year. 
By the time I had discovered her, she was already a household name on the Melbourne scene, had toured through Europe for five months, and had released several great records. During my time in Melbourne I was happy to spend an afternoon with her to talk about her beginnings, how her dad showed her how to use logic and record something, the scene in Melbourne, and touring around the world in five months. 


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