The Wasted Hour Podcast

The Wasted Hour Podcast #14: Phoebe English

November 19, 2020 The Wasted Hour / Phoebe English Season 2 Episode 14
The Wasted Hour Podcast
The Wasted Hour Podcast #14: Phoebe English
Show Notes

Phoebe English founded her label in 2011. The brand's dual roots of sustainability and craftsmanship are crucial to each collection, and Phoebe has actively pursued change within the fashion world in order to improve sustainability within the industry.
Certified materials that are free from harmful chemicals, the repurposing of deadstock fabrics, recyclable, biodegradable or home compostable packaging, buttons made from palm nuts and milk protein to avoid unnecessary plastic or natural dyes are just a few examples of how her pieces are produced. 

With the launch of her Nothing New collection at The Wasted Hour (a collection made entirely from reclaimed materials sourced from designers and studios across London) we talked about her favourite actress, her creative family, her first internship with a couturier in Paris, her studies at Central Saint Martins, how she founded her label in 2011, her commitment to sustainability and much more. 

- Martin Hufnagel 

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